At Paradox Coffee Co. #EverythingMatters
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The Coffee Paradox:

No matter who you talk to in the specialty coffee industry; whether it’s a farmer, a green coffee merchant, a roaster or a barista... if you ask them,“What’s the most important aspect to the perfect cup of coffee?”, they will most likely tell you it is their role in the coffee process.  We won't tell you the key to great coffee isn't just in the quality sourced green coffee, or a roast that is uniquely designed for each batch.  Nor will we deny that a barista or a home brewer's attention to detail won't reward you with a complete and balanced cup of coffee.  

Our philosophy at Paradox Coffee is that #EverythingMatters.

We believe every aspect from seed to cup is of the upmost importance.  Whether you are a coffee enthusiast looking for your favorite single origin, or even if you add a little cream and sugar Paradox Coffee Co. has the small batch artisanal coffee answer for you.

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